Clinics by Olympic Swimmers and National Champions

Sep 21, 2023
18:00 - 19:30

Ketelbinkie LGBTQ+ Swim club organizes an evening of Swimclinics by Olympic Swimmers and national champions. The clinics are for competing and non-competing swimmers. Prepare for the next day's championship or enjoy the clinics and improve your swimming strokes. Open to all swimmers that master the specific stroke (no beginners). Clinic program: 1 Clinic: Optimizing my Breaststroke 2 Clinic: Perfecting my Freestyle 3 Clinic: Advance my Backstroke 4 Clinic: Improve my Butterfly 5 Clinic: Enhance my Turning points 6 Clinic: Better starts (Clinics will be 30-40 minutes, up to two clinics per person available, based on availability)