YMCGAY official after party Queer Fest

Sep 23, 2023
23:00 - 07:00

The number one openminded urban party in town is back! With all the festivities during Queer Fest in Rotterdam, we have the honor to close the Saturday with a big BENG. Because everybody likes a good party, this time there will be an extra LONNNGG edition of YMCGAY. We will start at 23.00 and break the roof down till 07.00. This edition will be held at the hot location SUPERDISCO, in the heart of Rotterdam! We will bring you the YMC Queer Glitters in a colorful way! With some eclectic urban & house sounds we will serve you the best music from our amazing deejays. So be ready to celebrate Queer Fest in this unique specific way. Because it is true what they say. ‘’It is fun to stay at the YMCGay’’.