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This September 26th to 29th, Queer Fest 2024 is set to make Rotterdam a city of love and respect. We're extending an invitation to everyone: entrepreneurs, sponsors, advocacy groups, individuals, and partners. Whether you have a business that champions uniqueness, a brand that supports meaningful causes, a voice for change, or simply a desire to participate, we welcome you!

Why you should get involved:

  • Visibility: Gain exposure for your cause, event, business or brand to a diverse and enthusiastic audience.
  • Connection: Engage with the LGBTQ+ community and allies, reinforcing the values of inclusivity and diversity in Rotterdam.
  • Innovation: Bring your fresh ideas to a platform that celebrates creativity and individuality.
  • Support: Show your commitment to a more inclusive society and contribute to positive change in our community.

How to participate:

  • Entrepreneurs: Make your mark by hosting special events, creating promotions, or welcoming festival-goers to experience what makes your business unique.
  • Sponsors: Your backing can elevate our message and make Queer Fest 2024 a memorable event for everyone involved. Let’s explore how your brand can play a crucial role in this celebration.
  • Advocacy Groups and Individuals: Your voices and actions are vital. Share your stories, your art, and your activism with us, and let’s strive for a better world together.
  • Partners: We’re looking for collaborative opportunities that can enrich our festival and strengthen our community ties, from cultural organizations to local enterprises.

How to Join
Eager to be part of this vibrant celebration in September? Fill out our contact form with your ideas, intentions, or interest in participating in Queer Fest 2024. We’re keen to connect with entrepreneurs looking to diversify their offerings, sponsors aiming to make an impact, advocacy groups and individuals ready to share their voices, and potential partners interested in collaborative magic.

Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of Rotterdam’s celebration of diversity and inclusion. Sign up now and let's work together to make Queer Fest 2024 an event to remember!

September is on the horizon, and together, we can showcase the very best of what Rotterdam has to offer. Let’s make Queer Fest 2024 a testament to our city's vibrant diversity.

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