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I have an idea, event or venue that would be a perfect addition to QueerFest.

Are you ready to be a vibrant part of Queer Fest 2024 this September 26th to 29th? We're calling on entrepreneurs, community members, and creatives across Rotterdam to bring your unique events into the fold of our city-wide celebration. From intimate workshops to grand gatherings, your event can shine within the heart of Rotterdam's most inclusive festival.

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I am an entrepeneur, sponsor, advocacy group, individual or possible partner and want to join.

Queer Fest 2024 is set to make Rotterdam a city of love and respect. We're extending an invitation to everyone: entrepreneurs, sponsors, advocacy groups, individuals, and partners. Whether you have a business that champions uniqueness, a brand that supports meaningful causes, a voice for change, or simply a desire to participate, we welcome you!

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